Lou makes him glow


good luck to you James


good luck to you James


why is buzzfeed like this


why is buzzfeed like this


Liking the sounds of this show so far




Okay. So I wanted to list out Harry and Louis’ locations in January because I think we are grossly underestimating the amount of time Louis could have spent with Harry.

Locations in parenthesis are based on where they were spotted around that time. So while they were technically MIA, that’s where it would make most sense according to previous sightings and rumors.

My thoughts:

Jan 1-6 traveled to LA and then to Mammoth for a ski trip. (I really think that Louis could have slipped under the radar and been with the group that went. Besides those obvious pap shots, we got no pics of them out skiing. Also, its almost impossible to tell who’s who under gear, he easily could have gone unnoticed.)

Jan 7- 10 Louis left for home probably to attend grandmothers funeral.

Jan 11- Louis took a late night flight from UK and arrived in LA at night (photo of Harry in car, possibly picking him up)

Jan 12- 16. Both in LA, with Louis flying back out to the UK on the 16th. 

Jan 22- Louis leaves from Sheffield and arrives in LA late at night in order to attend Harry and Jeff’s birthday party the next evening. (note, in March a photo was taken of Harry and a songwriter while they were in LA. The songwriter had on the shirt that Louis was seen wearing on the 22th. I think he left the shirt in LA and this guy borrowed it from Harry a couple months later). 

Jan 27- both leave respective places and arrive in Jamaica. 

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you should find someone that makes you feel like that moment in concerts when the artist enters the stage

Azoff Photographs


I was SLEEPING when all of this went down (weak, I know). Thanks to everyone who did summary posts and created tags. For my own purposes, I wanted to put together a post with everything embedded, so here it is.

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His mom raised him right.


My otp: *stands in room with eachother*
Me: jesus just get fucking married already.

@niallhoran: This is what ya call ‘cabin fever’ , this is what happens when you are in a hotel all day without fresh air ! Hahahahahah Liam has gone mental !


@music_lovin_mama: She loves all the boys, but thinks Louis is extra special cuz he’s a total nutjob, just like her!! She’ll watch their video diaries for hours and just giggle over Louis! Every time she sees a pigeon, she’ll yell “Kevin??” She’s just infatuated with his silliness. Lol!
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Literally that bc if not,I don’t know how’s his voice sounds like honey in Fireproof.


Literally that bc if not,I don’t know how’s his voice sounds like honey in Fireproof.